Teardrop Travel Trailer

| 10/29/2010 | |
Dave from Juneau built this beautiful teardrop travel trailer which proves the Shopsmith can take on a project of any size.

The trailer itself is wood strip western red cedar, alaska yellow cedar and purple heart with steam bent ash trim. The strips were ripped on the table saw, and planned to 1/4 inch on the SS. The cabinets are ash and cherry with hand caning...of course, all built on the SS. The whole trailer is fiberglassed and sprayed with Dupont Chromaclear auto clear for UV protection.

I don't really have a shop, so the trailer and tools occupied a large part of the garage. That's one really nioce thing for me about the SS. On a project this size, I tried to do the majority of the ripping and planning of the strips outside in the summer to keep the dust down. It took about three winters to complete as a hobby.

This pic of the front shows a little better detail on how the cedar strips are put together.

The trailer has a front shelf and rear cabinets in this cherry with ash inlays/caned theme.


Don Q Says:
June 22, 2011 at 3:15 PM

Wow, look amazing. Great workmanship. Did you use plans?

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