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| 10/15/2010 | |
Considering the craftsmanship on this model car as well as the size, I don't think it's fair to call it a toy!

Here are some photos of my homemade 'Rolls Royce,' my "Project Heavy Roller."

The Shopsmith and its Bandsaw were my main tools.  For patterns, I mostly scaled-up a tiny antique bookend I have, which has a miniature classic car on it.

I roughly cut and bored some walnut wheels to accept some 6203 bearings I had on hand.  After initial turning on the Lathe, I epoxied the bearings inside the wheels, then used a simple jig to turn the glued bearing/wheel combinations against the 12" sanding disk, so that their perimeters were dead true and concentric.

The Drum Sander was very helpful for shaping the wheel-wells of the fenders in a ganged fashion.

Horizontal Boring is one of my favorite operations on the Shopsmith. When using drill-bits, I probably do 70% of my jobs in horizontal mode and 30% in drill-press vertical mode.  Using horizontal-boring allowed me to put dowel-holes in my "headlight blank pieces" prior to turning them, and put dowel-holes in the "engine cover & hood" block, all at precise orientations.  After turning my headlights on the lathe, I just doweled them to the body and they aimed perfectly straight with no fuss at all.

Some steps of the assembly are shown while the woods were fresh (walnut, padauk, cherry, maple, zebrawood, myrtle).   There is also a "aged one year" photo showing how the cherry and padauk have darkened while the walnut has lightened slightly.

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