Crib and Changing Table

| 1/05/2011 | |
It's been a while since I've had time to update the site, but I just received this submission from Jon and decided to go ahead and post it. Hopefully I can get back to regular updates soon.

This is the crib and changing table I built out of red oak for my first born back in July. It is my first try at woodworking and prior to this I had never used a table saw. I had also never heard of the Shopsmith Mark V before I stumbled upon one on craigslist.

As far as the various operations – I used the table saw to rip and crosscut all of the pieces, as well as cutting the tenons. The drill press mode was used for doing the mortises for all the slats and drilling holes for the hardware. The Horizontal boring configuration helped with the dowels that I used to put the headboard together.

Since making the crib I have been doing some other projects including lathe work. The fact that I already had the capability meant I didn’t have to worry about getting a new machine to try something new.


Jon, congrats to you and your wife for the birth of your first child! That is a fantastic first project and I hope it stays in your family for generations! Keep up the great work!


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